[ ”Her approach is responsive and emotional. She moves in the space, as a body and a human being in the empty packed space”  | Massimo Marino, ”Il Corriere della Sera”]

Available to travel anywhere, Futura Tittaferrante*videodilatte, reporter, lives on photography and set design. Backstage, event and still photographer based in Italy, she is inspired by theatre and fascinated by architecture, flares, forsaken places and food colours. Currently she is the Istituto Luce Cinecittà’s official reporter and she realises personal reportages for famous festival and events.


 t a l e    s c r e e n i n g

I graduated in live performing arts studies in Bologna, with a thesis on the impact of still photography in theatre. My professional training goes from stagecraft for theatre to stage design for film sets, later moving towards photography. I complemented my studies with several technical courses and assistances as stage builder and designer as well as interior designer for film sets and theatre, contributing from 2007 to 2009 as assistant stage designer for Tiziano Fario (Carmelo Bene’s stage designer) Enzo De Camillis and architect Riccardo Bocchini.

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Thanks to my father being a photographer, I grew up in contact with film photography and rediscovered its expressive potential during my experiences as stage designer. In consequence, I approached still photography in theatre with an acquired technical knowledge, once again achieved directly thanks to my activity on the stage, later assisting still photographers like Tommaso Le Pera and Marco Caselli Nirmal between them.

I am currently an image producer and I promote projects intent on developing appreciation for the use of photography: for the past two years I have held still photography courses for festivals and universities and creative photography courses for children and teenagers and from 2012 to January 2014 I founded and coordinated in Bologna Maison Ventidue, a public space established in a private house focused on the creation and production of contemporary art including performing art, exhibit, site specific, video and any form of live performance.

I currently collaborate as still photographer and occasionally as set decorator, alternating between Festivals and Theatre. Some of my recent collaborations are with Istituto Cinecittà Luce, TBWA, Fondazione Marino Golinelli, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Teatro di Roma and Venice Theatre Festival.

For my personal exhibited projects I use both video and photography.


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